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The Anhinga Spirit
She's a sturdy 1990 Harris Flote Bote!

Powered by a 2006 4 stroke Nissan outboard.
More power than needed as all my trips are conducted at the Safe Speed for a narrow hazardous waterway! That is Bare Steerageway speed. 

Wild Azalea's on Orange Creek
My first kayak is only 9' but goes anywhere.
Dead River on the Ocklawaha.
Catching bass on the beautiful Dead River South of Eureka on the natural wilderness section of the Ocklawaha River. This was the old river channel before the cut to Gore's Landing was made back to the West side of the flood plain.
Anhinga Spirit on Ocklawaha near Canon Springs
Behind me is the river with clear water during a Rodman Pool maintenance draw down. Look at the highwater mark in background that will drown the new tree sprouts when DEP and St. John's River Water Management raise water levels again! Once large school of Striped Bass, Channel and White Catfish were seen coming up the river to spawn before Rodman Dam.
Going towards Rodman
Dying tree canopy allowing expanse of Spanish Moss. Some see pretty and I see stressed trees!
Filleting little fish!
Boneless and skinless makes for quick eating! 
Conner Landing Bluff on the Ocklawaha River
Cedar Creek
Really don't want to see my face as I had just lost a ? 4 lb. bass! Several jumps and logs the fish won!
Image title would go here.
Crooked as a snake!
Mom and I enjoying a day on the river!
Spider's lunch.
The real Ocklawaha during low water conditions.
Where everyone want to swim and fish! The clear water is so amazing. Now just remove the dam so we can watch the fish return to Silver Springs and boost Marion County's economy! 
Specks! I caught two like this one! Yum.